Can an injured passenger seek legal action?

Car services can be convenient for people when they need to get somewhere. When people plan a vacation, they can use these services to get to the airport. In today’s time, services like Uber and Lyft have grown in popularity to provide transportation. Uber and Lyft provide people with the opportunity to go on their phones into an application to get access to a car ride instead of making a phone call. This makes it even more convenient for people to arrange their transportation with a few clicks on a phone. Drivers of Uber and Lyft can make their own working schedule in order to best fit their time. They can see many passengers a day and transport them to locations across different areas depending on their preference. Although these tools are efficient for car rides, they can still be involved in motor vehicle accidents. With Uber and Lyft, individuals are passengers instead of the driver in charge. This can become difficult when they are involved in an accident because victims will want to seek liability. If you or a loved one has been involved in passenger accident, you should seek legal counsel immediately to ensure you are taking the proper steps.

For accidents where a passenger is injured, they can seek liability. There may be multiple parties that are liable for the cause of a motor vehicle accident. Car accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons. These can include driver negligence, hazardous road conditions and defective car parts. Finding who is at fault when you are a passenger is essential.

First, victims should receive medical attention. This will make sure you are in good health and it will document your injuries for further investigation. In these cases, our personal injury attorneys can aid you in undergoing an investigation. They will assess the validity of your case and see what options are best for your situation. Car accidents usually involve a Personal Injury Protection plan. This is a form of no-fault insurance that can cover medical bills. However, if an accident has caused serious harm you may want to file a lawsuit to recover further compensation.

Stathis & Leonardis, LLC is an experienced personal injury law firm in Middlesex County, New Jersey that is committed to helping clients who have been hurt because of the negligence of another party. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or were injured on another person’s property, contact our firm today.

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