New Jersey Personal Injury Case Results

Case Results

Notable Case Winnings For Our Clients

Spinal Injuries in Bank Parking Lot Fall Lead to $7 Million Settlement in Middlesex

A plaintiff will receive $7 million in his Middlesex County suit, Plaintiff v. Bank of America, as compensation for injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell in an icy parking lot.

Middlesex County Auto Case Ends With $5 Million Verdict

In Tortorella v. Ong, a Middlesex County jury on April 20 awarded a Scotch Plains woman $5 million in damages as a compensation for spinal injuries she sustained when her car was read-ended.

DOT Driver Seriously Hurt When Hit by Truck Settles Middlesex Suit for $4M

A state Department of Transportation employee allegedly injured when his truck was hit by another accepted $4 million on March 2 to settle his Middlesex County suit, Leonardis v. Allied Oil LLC.

Struck Bicyclist Gets $3.6 Million Jury Verdict in Middlesex County

In Gonzalez v. Feldman, a Middlesex County jury awarded $3.6 million on Sept. 21 to a man who was struck by a car while crossing Route 18 in New Brunswick on a bicycle.

Family of Four Settles for $3.4M in Suit Over Delivery Van Crash

Leonard v. J.M.B. Linen Management: Four members of a family who were injured while passengers in a delivery van agreed on July 24 to a settlement worth $3.4 million.

Passenger Injured in Car Rear-Ended by Municipal Garbage Truck Wins $2.3M

The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority agreed on June 4 to pay $2.3 million to a passenger injured in a car rear-ended by a garbage truck.

Women Who Stepped on Glass Shards Settles Suit vs. Contractor for $2M

A homeowner who claimed she developed a chronic pain condition after stepping on a broken glass left behind by a cleaning crew accepted $2 million on June 27 to settle her suit, Mento v. Kean Enterprises.

Middlesex Jury Awards $2 Million for Icy Parking Lot Fall on Oct. 24 2017

A Middlesex County jury awarded $2 million on Oct. 24 to a man who required back and neck surgery after he slipped in an icy parking lot. Nicholas J Leonardis of Stathis & Leonardis In Edison NJ was Trial Counsel for Plaintiff. Plaintiff was heading into a restaurant when he slipped on a large patch of ice in the parking lot at The Plaza at Woodbridge on Feb. 7, 2014. He sustained cervical and lumbar disc herniations, and underwent fusion surgeries.

The ice was the result of run-off from a large pile of snow that was melting, causing water to drain toward a nearby storm grate before it re-froze, said Nicholas Leonardis of Stathis & Leonardis in Edison, who represented Plaintiff. The snow removal contractor warned the owner that leaving a pile of snow in that spot was hazardous, but the owner said it could not be left elsewhere because it would cause the loss of parking spaces, Leonardis said.

Injured Passenger Received $2M Settlement In Dump Truck Accident

On Oct. 27, 2015, the plaintiff, Ms. Pollard, 49, was a passenger in a car that was struck from behind by a construction dump truck. Though a defense expert argued that Pollard’s need for neck surgery was the result of a longstanding, preexisting, age-related degenerative condition, Nicholas J. Leonardis, representing Ms. Pollard, disproved the argument, winning Ms. Pollard a $2 million settlement for the full insurance policy limits.

Ocean Auto Case Settles For $1.9 Million

Attorney Nick Leonardis Recovers $1.9 Million. Our client suffered severe spinal injuries requiring spinal Fusion surgery. The preexisting spinal condition was also made significantly worse as a result of the collision. This recovery will provide a lifetime of security due to these debilitating injuries.

Suit Against Bar, Waterway over Man’s Drowning in Car Settles for $1.75 Million

The family of a man who died after having drinks at a bar in Jersey City and then driving his car into the Morris Canal Basin agreed to a $1.75 million settlement in a Middlesex County case, Pych v. Powerhouse Lounge, on May 10.

Apartment Fall Case Settles For $1.75 Million

The plaintiff settled for $1.75 Million after a slip and fall when an apartment required tenants to navigate treacherous conditions to move their cars, leading to a serious injury when slipping on icy snow.

Livery Passenger Gets $1.5M

Callaghan v. Hub Group: A Franklin Township man will receive $1.5 million as compensation for injuries he sustained when the hired car in which he was traveling collided with a guardrail.

$1.47 Million Settlement Reached for Head-On Crash with Drunken Driver

A man who sustained multiple fractures in a head-on crash with a drunken driver settled his Middlesex County suit, including a dram shop claim, for $1.465 million on Aug. 12.

Rutgers Student Struck While Jogging Settles for $1.4 Million

A woman struck by a vehicle in a crosswalk while she was a student at Rutgers University settled her Middlesex County suit for $1.4 million on March 28.

$1.35 Million Verdict for Auto Crash in Middlesex County

A Woodbridge man was awarded $1.35 Million at trial for injuries he suffered as a result of a distracted driver. The plaintiff, was stopped exiting an auto dealer in Woodbridge when his car was struck by a vehicle that went across the roadway, and collided into his stopped car. Superior Court Judge Gelade entered the judgment following a bench trial for according to his lawyer, Nicholas Leonardis of Stathis & Leonardis in Ediston, N.J.

My Leonardis confirmed that “Our client was the unfortunate victim of a distracted driver. We see this way too often in NJ”. Our client suffered a cervical disc herniation, which required fusion surgery to repair. Mr. Leonardis was assisted at trial by associate Sean Mahoney who earned his first Million Dollar Trial recovery.

$1.25 Million for Rear-End Crash in Middlesex County

A Carteret will receive $1.25 Million for spinal injuries he suffered in a rear-end collision on Jan 8, 2013. Plaintiff was stopped in traffic on Route 9 in Old Bridge, NJ when his car was struck from behind, according to her lawyer, Nicholas Leonardis of Stathis & Leonardis in Edison, N.J.

Mr. Leonardis confirmed that his client suffered a lumbar disc herniations, which required an anterior lumbar fusion surgery. The parties reached a settlement at trial in Middlesex County prior to jury selection.

1.25M Over Alleged Road Rage

Vasisht v. Kugel: A Middlesex County jury awarded $1.25 million on Sept. 13 to a woman hurt in an accident she blamed on road rage, but her partial liability reduced recovery to $937,500.

$1.25M UIM Verdict

Klinger v. New Jersey Manufacturers: A Middlesex County jury awarded $1.25 million on May 8 to a woman who claimed her existing shoulder condition was made worse after her car was struck in a rear-end accident.

$1 Million for Automobile Injuries

Hondo v. Travelers Ins. Co.: A motorist allegedly injured in a rear-end collision recovered $1 million in a Middlesex County suit.

$1 Million for Slip and Fall

Massey v. Jassil: A man visiting a boarding house injured in a fall on the premises settled his Middlesex County suit for $1 million.

$850,000 in Pedestrian Accident

Hutting v. Drazner: A man struck while crossing a street recovered $850,200 on Nov. 13 in arbitration of his Monmouth County suit.

$850,000 for Auto Injuries

Shapiro v. Vaidhinathan: A Middlesex County woman accepted $850,000 on March 3 for back injuries suffered in a collision while driving a car for her employer, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

$745,000 for Fall at Supermarket

Urugutia v. Supremo Food Market: A Plainfield woman who was injured in a supermarket fall settled her Middlesex County suit for $745,000 on June 15.

$700,000 for Motorcycle Accident

Myzie v. Neto: A Piscataway man injured when his motorcycle was struck by a car accepted $700,000 last Tuesday to settle his Middlesex County suit.

$625,000 for Trip and Fall

Sweeney v. Starbound Talent Competition: A woman who claimed injuries from tripping over a cable wire at a talent show accepted $625,000 on July 19 in her Middlesex County suit.

$550,000 for Auto Injury

Stumpe v. Cutler: A driver who claimed permanent back injury caused by a collision accepted a $550,000 settlement on Dec. 23 from the other vehicle’s driver.

Middlesex Jury Awards $545,000 for Pedestrian Hit After Getting Bum Steer

Lupo v. Macauley: A Middlesex County jury awarded $545,000 on Feb. 11 for a pedestrian hit by one motorist after an unidentified motorist waved him across the roadway.

$525,000 Jury Verdict for Trip & Fall

Jury awards plaintiff $525,000 for a trip and fall in the parking lot of a strip mall in Milltown, New Jersey. The lead attorney was Nicholas J. Leonardis, Esq. The trial lasted 4 days, ending in a cash award for the plaintiff when the jury found Henry Plaza 100% liable.

$500,000 for Crash Injuries

Scoppettulo v. Schirripa: A woman who suffered fractures and a head injury in a car crash and claimed it caused psychological problems settled on June 3 for $500,0000 from the other driver’s $1 million policy.

$500,000 for Slip and Fall

Leonardis v. Edison Glen Condominiums, et al.: A Middlesex County jury awarded an Edison woman $500,000 on Nov. 6 for injuries suffered from slipping on a patch of ice at her condominium complex.

$500,000 for Slip and Fall

Cooper v. North Jersey Auto Services: A tow truck company whose driver allegedly caused a motorist’s knee injury in a collision agreed on May 18 to pay $500,000, the plaintiff’s lawyer says.

$475,000 for Crash Injury

Edwards v. RC Trucking: A trucking company will pay $475,000 to settle a claim that the driver of an 18-wheeler was responsible for a collision that hurt the driver of another vehicle.

$450,000 for Fall in Store

Biernacki v. Wawa: A Wawa market agreed on July 9 to pay $450,000 to a patron who fell and tore his knee.

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