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Many people don’t think about the dangers of riding on an elevator or an escalator, simply because we rely so heavily on them on a regular basis. However, when an individual is injured in an elevator or escalator accident in New Jersey, they can face very serious injuries. Some of the injuries that often come from these types of accidents can include broken bones, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, and in the worst situations, death. If you have been injured in an accident of this nature, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel. An attorney can help place liability and work to obtain compensation for your injuries and the lifelong burdens you may be facing. The attorneys at Stathis & Leonardis have years of experience guiding clients through elevator or escalator accident cases. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

Determining Liability in NJ Elevator or Escalator Accidents

Elevator or escalator accidents are very serious matters and can cause a great deal of emotional, physical, and financial strain on the victims. Of course, this type of matter lends itself to a personal injury case in an effort to recover compensation for the burdens caused by the accident. One of the challenging aspects of elevator or escalator accidents is that in order to have a successful case, the plaintiff is required to find the liable party and prove that their negligence resulted in this accident. An additional challenge to this issue is that elevators and escalators are very complex machines. There may be cases where the accident is not the fault of the property owner but the fault of the elevator or escalator manufacturer.

If the property owner is at fault, the injured party must prove that the owner knew about the issue and failed to fix it, ultimately resulting in the accident. However, if the owner of the property did not know and would not have known about the issue if it wasn’t for the accident, the lawsuit may fall under the product liability category and they may not be held liable. In the event that one of the many parts of the elevator or escalator is defective, the manufacturer may be held liable. In a defective product case, the plaintiff will have to determine if the initial design was unsafe or whether the design was safe but the manufacturer deviated from the plans, making it dangerous. Additionally, if there was not proper labeling about the dangers involved in using an elevator or escalator, it may also count as negligence.

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The attorneys at Stathis & Leonardis have years of experience representing injured clients in New Jersey when it matters most. Clients injured in elevator or escalator accidents are no exception. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident of this nature, our firm is here to help determine the cause, find the liable party, and fight to recover compensation. Contact the Middlesex County injury attorneys at Stathis & Leonardis to schedule a consultation today.

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