Courtroom Technology for Personal Injury Cases

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Technology In The Courtroom for Personal Injury Cases in New Jersey

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” As trial attorneys, we know a picture could be worth much more than that. At Stathis & Leonardis, our team uses the latest in courtroom demonstrative aids to get our point across. Medical illustrations, surgical animations, and timelines are specifically prepared to present the best possible case for our clients. Medical terms, diagnostic studies, and surgical procedures can be difficult for most people to understand. Our demonstrative aids allow us to present vital information to the jury and make what was confusing easily understood. When a jury fully understands the injury, that jury will be much more likely to also appreciate the significant impact that injury has had on the plaintiff and render an award of fair and reasonable money damages. We know that more people are visual learners. Hearing something is not as powerful as seeing it. Our website contains just a brief example of the courtroom technology we use to assist jurors in understanding the evidence presented to them. Preparation is key. Stathis & Leonardis is ready. Contact our firm for a consultation.

Surgical Animations

Surgeries and procedures all carry potential risks and complications. In order for our medical experts to explain how the surgeries are performed, as well as the risks and potential complications, we use surgical animations. These allow the jury to fully understand how the surgery is performed and appreciate the potential risks and complications that our clients faced. As trial attorneys, we believe that the more a jury understands, the more a jury will award.

Injury Simulation Animations

Computer animations and simulations are becoming a vital tool for a personal injury attorney. When used correctly, recreations of serious accidents can help a jury visualize what occurred and support a plaintiff’s case. Seeing an accident is often more powerful than hearing about it. Not only can a personal injury attorney use it to more effectively describe an incident, a jury is more likely to retain that information when evaluating a case at the end of the trial. Even in times where a case’s validity is not in dispute, simulations have played a vital role in the monetary damages awarded to victims.

Medical Illustrations

Our team of trial attorneys utilizes the most advanced medical illustrations to “show” and “explain” the injuries to the jury. It is not enough just to tell a jury what the injuries are. The jury must also be shown the injuries. It should be no surprise that people remember much more of what they see rather than what they are told. Illustrating Xrays, MRIs, and other diagnostic studies allow us to achieve the highest juror comprehension, so the jury may fully understand the injuries. Once the jury understands the injury, they will more easily understand how those injuries impact our client.

Demonstrative Aids

In most automobile cases, to be entitled to a recovery, the burden is on the plaintiff to prove, by objective credible medical evidence, that the injuries are permanent in nature and will not heal to function normally. Our team of trial attorneys uses numerous demonstrative aids which are specifically tailored to each case. We never use generic, cookie cutter boards left over from old cases. Each case is unique to each client. The trial exhibits used at trial should be equally unique for that client.

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Having the right resources can make all the difference. Though most cases settle outside of court, Stathis & Leonardis prepares every case for a jury. We believe doing this provides the best possible legal services to our clients. Our firm has decades of experience representing victims of serious injury. If negligence is to blame for your injury or illness, reach out to our firm to discuss your case. If you need an effective personal injury team that is ready to protect your rights and fight for your future, contact Stathis & Leonardis for a consultation.

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