Can I Recover Compensation for a Brain Stem Injury?

person looking at scans of a brain

Getting injured in an accident is never fun. Cuts, burns, and broken bones can be painful and long-lasting. One of the most serious and frightening injuries to sustain after an accident is a brain injury. Damage to the brain can have a serious negative impact on a person’s well-being. If you suffered a brain stem or other injury at the hands of someone else you can pursue compensation to cover your associated expenses. Work with an experienced Middlesex County personal injury attorney to recover damages for your accident and injury.

What is the Brain Stem?

The brain stem is the stalk-like part of the brain at the base of the skull. It connects the brain and the spinal cord, sending signals from the brain through nerve pathways. The brain stem is responsible for various important functions of the human body. There are three parts of the brain stem that control different areas.

  • Midbrain: The midbrain relays important information required for vision and hearing purposes. It also controls motor movements like eye movements.
  • Pons: The pons is in charge of balance and coordination, facial expressions, sleep cycles, breathing, and all other unconscious processes and movements.
  • Medulla: The medulla controls a variety of functions including heart rate and respiratory rate.

While each of the parts has different functions, their responsibilities often overlap. In general, the three parts of the brain stem work together to control motor movements, reflexes, breathing, consciousness, balance, sleep, and more.

How Do Brain Stem Injuries Happen?

Like any injury, brain stem injuries can occur anytime. Accidents happen everywhere and depending on the severity can result in a TBI (traumatic brain injury). If you are involved in an accident such as a car, truck, bike, motorcycle, slip and fall, construction, or sports accident you may have taken a serious hit to the head. If you suffered an assault or attack you might have damaged your brain as well. Any harsh hit or puncture of an object can lead to a brain stem injury.

Can I Collect Compensation?

Generally, yes, you can collect compensation for your brain stem injury. A personal injury case involving a TBI will operate like any other. If you were involved in an accident where another party was responsible for your injury, you can pursue legal action to hold them responsible.

You should work with a skilled and trusted attorney during the process. They have a deep understanding of the law and have experience dealing with similar cases. They know how to communicate with judges, insurance companies, and all relevant parties.

When dealing with a brain stem injury you will need extensive medical treatment. This can involve costly surgeries, lengthy hospital stays, rehabilitation and physical therapy, medication, and more. You likely cannot work during your recovery time which could take months or even years. Additionally, you may have sustained property damage during the accident depending on the circumstances.

During your claim or lawsuit, you and your lawyer will need to provide evidence that your accident and injury resulted from the other party’s reckless, malicious, or negligent behavior. If you are successful you can collect compensation to cover your medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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