Can I Sue If I Get Hurt in a Gym?

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You can sue if you get hurt in a gym. This is true even if you signed a waiver when you joined. These waivers do not cover everything, and they are unlikely to stand up in court if you got hurt in a gym due to someone else’s negligence. Whether you are ready to sue or you are still weighing your options, you should seriously consider speaking to a Middlesex County slip and fall accident attorney.

What Should I Do If I Get Hurt in a Gym?

If you get hurt in a gym, you should take a picture of the accident scene if you are able to. If you were hurt because of something like broken flooring, a spill, or a machine that broke. Having photos of the conditions at the time of your accident can help strengthen your case and give you solid evidence of a facility’s negligence.

After you get hurt, you should get medical care right away. Sometimes putting off medical care can be used against you in a personal injury case. The defendant’s lawyer can say that your injuries must not have been so serious if you did not seek out medical assistance right away.

Finally, do not sign anything or accept any kind of offer from an insurance copy. This could make it harder or just impossible to sue for damages. We also recommend turning down any gifts or offers from the gym. That could hurt your case later.

What Kinds of Injuries Could I Sue a Gym For?

You are not going to be able to sue the gym simply because you overdid it on leg day and had a rough time the next day. You can sue for injuries caused due to poor facility maintenance or staff training. People can easily get hurt in a gym thanks to:

  • Damaged or poorly maintained equipment
  • Slipping hazards, like leaks and spills
  • Walkways crowded by debris or equipment
  • Poor lighting
  • Stairways with broken or nonexistent handrails
  • Instruction from unqualified instructors

If you get hurt by any of these things, you probably have a personal injury case to pursue.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer If I Get Hurt in a Gym?

You are not required to hire a lawyer when pursuing a personal injury case, but one can do a lot to help you. An attorney can:

  • Field settlement offers and calculate fair compensation
  • Handle all communications on your behalf
  • Gather evidence needed to make your case
  • Investigate the safety history of your gym
  • Talk to any eyewitnesses to your accident and injury
  • Defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing
  • Remind you of important deadlines and court dates

Talk to Our Legal Team

Proving negligence on your own can be difficult, so take the time to talk to our experienced personal injury attorneys before you move ahead with your personal injury case. Contact Stathis & Leonardis to set up a consultation. We would love to tell you more about how we can be of assistance.

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