How are pedestrian accident cases handled?

How are pedestrian accident cases handled?

Some people may live in an area that allows them to walk to their destination, whether it be the grocery store or their residency. This can be an easy way for pedestrians to get from one place to another since they do not have to rely on a form of transportation. By traveling on foot, they may be able to save money as well. However, they are still subject to accidents. Although they are not operating a motor vehicle, they can be harmed by a car. If a driver is distracted for some reason, they can be unaware of the pedestrian, resulting in the walker being struck by the car. This can lead to grave injuries. The pedestrian has no form of protection from this heavy, fast-moving vehicle.

For these cases, pedestrians have the opportunity to press charges against the responsible party. If the driver was operating the vehicle in a reckless manner or was not aware of their surroundings, the pedestrian may be able to prove negligence on behalf of the driver. By proving negligence in these cases, it may entitle the pedestrian to receive compensation for their accident.

Why do I have to prove negligence?

Negligence needs to be proven in order for you, the pedestrian that was harmed, to receive damages from the case. This negligence can show that the driver was not driving to the best of their ability. They may have been distracted by their phone or bad weather could have played a factor. Sometimes a third party may be involved in the situation. This third party can be a municipality.

When filing for these personal injury lawsuits, it is vital that it is done within two years of the incident. If it is after this period of time, you may not be able to pursue the case. When these cases are pursued, the injured individual has the opportunity to gain damages. These damages can be in the form of non-economic or economic damages. Non-economic damages cover the emotional turmoil that you have suffered from as a result of your accident. Economic damages can cover the cost of medical bills that have piled up, along with lost wages from your job and lost future wages if you are unable to return quickly.

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