How do I Sue a Negligent New Jersey Daycare?

When both parents work, they naturally must find somewhere to supervise their child for the day. This is why parents seek the most responsible, trustworthy adult that they know. However, if you are a parent and do not have a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor to watch your child, you will most likely enroll him or her in a daycare program. Generally, these programs provide your child with a safe and even beneficial environment. For example, in daycare, children learn to relate and communicate with one another, making it an extraordinarily important part of the growing process. However, if a child is wrongfully hurt at daycare, it can be a parent’s worst nightmare. If your son or daughter was injured or harmed in any way at daycare, here are some of the questions you may have:

What is a daycare liability clause?

Oftentimes, when you enroll your child in daycare, they will try and get you to sign a waiver with a “liability clause.” The purpose of these clauses is to deter parents from suing, should something happen to their child at the daycare. Fortunately, whether you signed the document or not, in most cases, you may still file a lawsuit against a negligent daycare, as long as you have the help of an experienced attorney.

What are some types of daycare negligence?

Though it is virtually nauseating, there are several different ways in which a daycare can abuse or neglect a child. Some forms of daycare negligence that you should keep an eye out for are as follows:

  • Leaving cleaning or office supplies lying around–children may try to ingest small things such as paper clips, or poisonous materials, like hand sanitizers.
  • There should never be broken glass, rusty playground equipment, mold, or any other hazardous living conditions present
  • You must always listen to and closely observe your child after daycare. If he or she consistently comes home with bruises or scrapes, he or she may have been hit or otherwise physically abused, either directly by a supervisor, or by another child if a negligent supervisor was not paying attention.
  • If your child is losing weight or is constantly asking for food when he or she comes home from daycare, he or she may be malnourished. Though this is a nightmare to think about, it is important you know what to look for to ensure your child is safe

Can I sue a negligent daycare?

To successfully sue a daycare, you will have to prove that your child was harmed due to another party’s negligence. This means that you will need to provide evidence, such as photos of the hazardous living conditions, pictures of your child’s injuries, police reports, and more. If you suspect your child is the victim of abuse, call 911 immediately, then get in touch with a compassionate attorney who will aggressively fight for your child’s rights.

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