South Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer

South Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney in South Brunswick

As you know, we live in a time where people are constantly distracted and preoccupied. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to negligent behavior, whether on the road or otherwise, and if you are someone who has been injured due to the negligence of another, you are most likely looking into your legal options going forward. Do not pick up the pieces on your own–Stathis & Leonardis, LLC, is here to guide you through every step of the personal injury claims process to help ensure that you receive the compensation you need to get back on your feet again. Contact our firm and speak with our knowledgeable South Brunswick personal injury lawyer today.

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Auto accidents are among the most common causes of injuries in New Jersey and the United States. When someone is injured because of the carelessness of another motorist, they are frequently entitled to monetary compensation. Stathis & Leonardis, LLC is here to help all those who’ve been injured in the following auto accidents obtain that monetary compensation:

Though most personal injury claims involve injuries sustained while on the road, people are also frequently injured due to property owner negligence. Property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their land is safe for all who legally enter–and in certain cases, property owners are even responsible for ensuring their property is safe for those who do not enter legally. Regardless of your circumstances, if you were injured due to negligence, Stathis & Leonardis, LLC is here to help you file a premises liability claim for injuries sustained in the following scenarios:

Stathis & Leonardis, LLC is also battle-tested in assisting all accident victims in South Brunswick and New Jersey who’ve been injured in the following situations:

Statute of Limitations in New Jersey

Every state has a statute of limitations in place when it comes to personal injury claims. The statute of limitations is the timeframe in which the wrongly injured party has to take legal action against the liable party. While it is always best to bring your claim to our firm’s attention sooner, rather than later, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New Jersey is, generally, two years, which means that you should not wait any longer than two years from the date of your accident to sue. Waiting longer than two years may result in you being permanently time-barred from suing.

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No one in South Brunswick or anywhere in New Jersey should wrongfully sustain an injury without strong legal representation at their side. Stathis & Leonardis, LLC is here to help all accident victims in the state of New Jersey recover the financial compensation they and their families require to move on with their lives. Contact our firm today to schedule your initial consultation with our Middlesex County personal injury attorney.

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