What Causes Ejection Car Accidents?

bloody broken windshield of car

Getting into an auto accident is scary enough on its own, but when you or a passenger are thrown from the car it can be even more traumatic. Ejection car accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that can occur and result in high rates of serious injury and death. If you need legal advice or representation during your car accident case, a Middlesex County auto accident attorney can help.

What is an Ejection Accident?

An ejection accident is any car accident that results in the driver or a passenger being ejected from the car. Depending on the specifics of the crash they could be thrown through the windshield, a window, the sunroof, or any opening that is created during the crash. These types of accidents are extremely dangerous. The body of a car is made of steel and other materials and acts as a protective layer for the passengers inside. Most accidents still cause injuries, but they would be worse if the car’s structure wasn’t there. When a person is thrown from the vehicle and lands on the ground or a foreign object, they have no layer of defense and their injuries will likely be severe.

How Do Ejections Occur?

Ejection accidents occur mostly when a passenger is not properly wearing their seatbelt. Seatbelts are designed to keep you secure inside the vehicle. If you are involved in a collision and are not wearing your seatbelt you could be forced forward into an oncoming airbag or through the front windshield.

Your car being struck at excessive speeds from the front or back could cause you to go flying out of the car. The force of the impact of the collision shoves your body and if there is an opening caused by shattered glass you may end up outside the car.

If your accident results in your vehicle rolling over it can create extensive damage to your car and a volatile aggressive movement, making it easier for you to be ejected.

How Can I Prevent an Ejection Accident?

Sometimes things are out of our control, but preventing an accident in general can be done by practicing safe driving. Follow the rules of the road; drive at the posted speed limits, yield when required, use your blinkers when changing lanes or making a turn, and keep an appropriate distance between your car and the car in front of you.

Try to eliminate distractions while driving. Do not fiddle with the GPS or radio unnecessarily. Eating and drinking can also pose a distraction so try to avoid opening bottles or packages while driving.

While all of the above can help avoid an accident, avoiding getting ejected from the car is important in protecting yourself and your passengers. Wearing your seatbelt is the best way to prevent an ejection. Make sure everyone in the car has their seatbelt fastened.

Do regular maintenance checks to evaluate the safety of your vehicle. Check that the seatbelts and airbags are functioning properly and that the windows and doors are secure. Taking these measures will help prevent yourself or a passenger from being thrown from the vehicle and limit injuries in the event of an accident.

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