What to do if You Have Been Injured by a Defective Product

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have access to some of the world’s greatest inventions designed to make our lives easier. However, sometimes individuals purchase a product that does not function as intended. While this is annoying and frustrating, to say the least, it is not nearly as bad as being injured by a defective product. If you are injured by a defective product, you are most likely now looking to file a lawsuit against the party responsible. Please read on and reach out to our experienced product liability attorneys to learn more about how we can help you going forward.

What is a product liability lawsuit?

When a product does not function as it should and injures a person, there is a very good chance that a person will seek to hold the negligent party accountable via a product liability lawsuit. However, these lawsuits are often more complex than others, as your attorney will first have to determine the responsible party. Fortunately, our firm has helped individuals recover the compensation they need after being injured by defective or unsafe products for years, and we are ready to help you do the same.

Who can be held responsible in a product liability lawsuit?

  • Negligent design: When a product is not designed with safety in mind, there is a very good chance a person could become injured by simply using the product. This is never okay, and if you were injured because a product was negligently designed, there is a very good chance you will qualify for compensation.
  • Failure to warn: Just as product designers are responsible for ensuring their product is safe, they must also ensure their product is labeled so that consumers can properly use it. If customers are not warned of potential danger or are not instructed on how to safely use the product, they may become seriously injured as a result.
  • Negligent manufacturing: This is one of the most inexcusable types of negligence. If a manufacturer decides to save time or money by disregarding the product’s blueprint, the product can become unsafe. Unfortunately, this happens more than you may think. If you have been injured because a manufacturer either intentionally or unintentionally diverted from the product’s original blueprint and you were injured as a result, you will most likely have a valid product liability lawsuit.

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