Who is Responsible for a New Jersey Hotel Accident?

Hotels have lots of amenities to keep their guests entertained. Unfortunately, more amenities mean more upkeep. If hotel owners and employees are not vigilant, serious accidents can occur. Read on to learn more about hotel accidents in New Jersey.

How do hotel accidents occur?

There are numerous ways for a hotel accident to occur. However, the most common causes of these accidents include:

  • Defective furniture
  • Food poisoning
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Parking garage accidents
  • Gym equipment accidents
  • Stairway accidents
  • Hot tub accidents
  • Accidents due to inadequate security
  • Accidents due to inadequate lighting
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Escalator accidents

Who is responsible for a hotel accident?

If you are injured in a hotel accident, you may be wondering whether you can take legal action. In New Jersey, you may be able to hold the hotel accountable for your accident if you can fulfill the burden of proof. This means proving that your accident was a direct result of another party’s negligence. For example, can you prove that the hotel staff knew about or should have known about the hazard that caused your accident to occur? It is important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain the evidence you need.

What do I do in the event of an accident?

If you are involved in a hotel accident, it is important to take the following steps– These steps will help ensure your safety while simultaneously providing you with important proof of negligence:

  1. Call 911- If an injury occurs, it is important to call the police. They can send an ambulance, file an accident report, ensure the scene is safe, and more.
  2. Notify the manager- It is important that you tell the hotel manager right away. This will allow him or her to file an accident report.
  3. Seek medical attention- Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible. This will allow you to have your injuries treated by a medical professional while also providing you with proof of the origin and extent of your injuries.
  4. Document the scene- Before leaving, take pictures and videos of the hazardous conditions that caused your accident to occur.
  5. Obtain witness contacts- If anyone saw your accident occur, they may be able to corroborate your version of events.

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