Who may be responsible for a school bus accident?

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One thing that all parents understand is the need for their children to be safe. One of the scariest things to parents is the thought of something dangerous happening to their child when out of their care. The idea of their child being involved in a school bus accident is frightening. When a parent puts their child on a school bus, they trust the driver to keep them safe. But unfortunately, many factors can lead to an accident that could have harmful consequences. If your child was involved in an accident, you deserve answers. You may want to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact our Middlesex County Mass Transit Accident Attorneys to find out your legal options.

What are the common causes of school bus accidents?

While school bus accidents are not common, they do occur more than most people realize. Some of the causes of school bus accidents include:

Third-party negligence: Buses share the road with many other drivers. At any time, a motorist can engage in reckless driving, easily causing a crash. Negligent driving behaviors, such as speeding and disobeying the stop sign on the bus, could cause an accident.

Dangerous left turns: It is important for a bus driver to pay close attention to yield the right of way. If a driver miscalculates and takes a left turn too soon, the result could be a collision with oncoming traffic.

Negligent maintenance: The school district is responsible for maintaining the buses. Regular inspections for things like brake failure, tire failure, and other issues that could potentially cause an accident, should be conducted.

Weather: It may be difficult and dangerous for a bus driver to control the bus under poor weather conditions. Drivers need to adjust their speed and focus on the road. This can sometimes be difficult on a bus containing loud children. The additional challenge of hazardous conditions could cause an accident. The school district is responsible for closing schools and keeping buses off the road when there are dangerous weather conditions present.

Blind spots: One common cause of accidents are blind spots. Buses have large blind spots. Mirrors that are correctly adjusted can help a driver see other cars around them. School bus drivers who neglect to check their blind spots could cause dangerous accidents.

Drowsy driving: A common cause of school bus accidents is drowsy driving. Long hours, early mornings, and working multiple jobs are factors that contribute to this common condition. When a driver is unable to get enough rest before driving the bus, they could cause an accident. The inability to concentrate or focus and delayed reaction times are dangerous effects of drowsy driving.

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, regardless of the cause, you may be eligible for compensation. Stathis & Leonardis has years of experience helping injured clients get the compensation they deserve. Call today for a consultation.

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