How can nursing home abuse occur?

How can nursing home abuse occur?

Nursing homes are places for elders that are supposed to provide assistance and a safe community for them to live in if they are unable to live alone. These communities can allow them to carry on with their everyday lives without having to be alone. As people grow older, they may not be capable of living alone anymore. By having others around, this can provide them with comfort and have someone ready if an emergency were to occur. These homes can be a great environment. However, issues can arise, unfortunately. Nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to issues. When patients are being neglected, their health can decline. They may not be getting the treatment and services that were expected and that they need. Abuse can happen in these homes. If an employee takes advantage of their role, they may abuse the elder. This abuse can be physical or sexual abuse. Some common forms of abuse include physical abuse through hitting, bed sores or ulcers from neglect, sexual assault and more. Sometimes the patients are unaware of the abuse due to their mental state. Their family members should check in on them to ensure they are properly being taken care of.

What does the Nursing Home Reform Act state?

The Nursing Home Reform Act ensures the safety of every elder that is being housed in a nursing home and protects the rights of each resident. Nursing homes have to adhere to guidelines and follow certain procedures to be considered a proper home for elders. The act outlines services that are required in nursing homes to be established as a place for elders to live comfortably in a healthy environment. This includes periodic assessments for each client and a care plan for each member that keeps their best interests in mind. It also requires nursing, dietary, social, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation services.

Before residents enter a nursing home, they should be informed of their rights to enforce the laws that are there to protect them. All services and fees should be in writing. Although residents are enrolling in this facility, they are still required to have a right to their own privacy. This includes keeping personal belongings. When being medicated, clients should be informed of their condition and any medications they are being prescribed to prevent any complications or confusion. Residents also have the right to refuse any treatment that is being offered to them.

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